Tax Audits

What's an audit?

There are many different types of audits. Audits usually start with a letter from the auditor. A sales tax audit can be initiated to determine if the company is properly taxing the sales of goods and services at the state and local level. In the case of capital improvements, there may be a question of whether sufficient use tax was paid and reported on the materials used in the capital improvements. Another issue may be whether sales tax was properly paid on expenses and equipment purchases. An income tax audit may be initiated by the IRS or the state having jurisdiction. Income tax audits may occur for a variety of reasons. Most audits look to verify the supporting documentation for income and expenses that were reported on the tax return. A workers compensation or liability audit may be initiated by the insurance company at the end of the policy year to verify the actual premium due. These policies are estimated at the beginning of the year and adjusted at the end when the actual amounts can be determined. A Department of Labor audit can be inititated by the federal or state governments, and may examine issues such as overtime, minimum wage, and prevailing wage rates.

At Hall CPA Group, we have decades of experience in handling these matters and look forward to discussing them with you.

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